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Lover of Paris

And if you have already have a piece?

A piece of Paris's architectural heritage

An emblematic object of the capital

A piece of Paris for yourself



Freehand drawing


Empreinte © Raphaël Metivet.jpg


A bearer of history


We went to the rooftops of Paris to find you some Zinc sheets recovered

by our seasoned roofers and recycled them to create a wonderful object. 




A symbol that captures the soul of Paris


It reveals itself to you and tells you its story, what it's been through, right up there, where it all began, where the view is breathtaking. Emblematic of the city, it embodies the effervescence of Paris. Marked by its origins, its DNA is engraved in the material. Each piece is unique. 

1. Unique 

It's numbered. Each piece is unique.

Every TOIT DE PARIS is marked with its origin, the year it was installed, and the series number certificate.

2. History

As part of the city's architectural heritage, the TOIT DE PARIS is a piece of history, emblematic of the capital.

3. Ethical and responsible

Zinc is recycled. We buy zinc sheets for roof renovation from roofers on site. We give it a new lease of life!

4. Supporting craftsmanship

We work with roofers for the raw materials and a gilder to apply the gold leaf. In this way, we are able to preserve our ancestral know-how.

5. Made in France

The raw material is recovered and recycled in France on the roofs of Paris.

Zinc processing and design (graphics and design) are carried out in France, in Paris and Nantes.

6. Design and fun

We've designed it to be sleek, poetic and elegant. It can stand upright, lie down or be protected in its case. It's a natural fit for your home.

7. At the right price 

Because TOIT DE PARIS was born, raised and designed in France. It follows a short circuit logic. We have no intermediaries and no additional costs. You pay the real price for your object.

The core of our product

After launching the Fabrique de Génies, which offers introductory workshops in arts and crafts, I met a host of talented craftspeople and artists. We shared a passion for beauty and meaning. Over the course of a year, we came up with a number of ideas for our workshops. This inspired me to launch, for the second year of La Fabrique de Génies, the Laboratory! A place dedicated to the creation of beautiful objects with meaning and a story. That's how the first project, le TOIT DE PARIS, came about.



I had several ideas in my head, and this is how the TOIT DE PARIS was born...



I'm with Aurore, a gilder, who is showing me her work, looking for inspiration for a future workshop at the Fabrique de Génies. One of her creations particularly catches my eye: a city map in gold leaf.

For several years now, my husband, who is passionate about history and particularly Paris, has been keeping some very old plans of Paris at home, as well as some more recent ones in graphic design. 


So I'm here with Aurore, admiring her work: this map made with a gold leaf on a sheet of Canson is simply magnificent. But perhaps difficult to produce for a workshop? What if we made an object out of it? The questions keep coming: why an object, on what support, what material should be used to make a city map? We thought about it, but didn't come up with anything right away. 

During my return journey on the metro home, the idea never leaves me - I want to find it! When I get home - I live on the 5th floor of an apartment facing a Haussmann building - I get on my computer to do some research, hoping to come up with a good idea. But nothing, I despair a little and look outside for a breath of fresh air. And there, in front of me, majestically reflecting the sun, is the Parisian zinc roof. It's obvious, it's going to be the TOIT DE PARIS!

History of the Roofs of Paris

Portrait of the TOIT DE PARIS team



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