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What last-minute gift to get?

Last-minute gift ideas for all tastes and budgets

Forgotten an anniversary? Planning a surprise dinner at the last minute? No need to panic!

Here's a selection of last-minute gift ideas to suit all tastes and budgets, to make in a flash or order online.

1.the gift that ticks all the boxes: Toit de Paris

✅ Available within the hour in Paris via Click and Collect

✅ Customizable (initials, message, favorite place)

✅ A piece of Paris that has lived for over half a century

✅ Made in France

✅ Recycled

✅ Artisanal

2. Gourmet gifts for food lovers:

  • Offer a basket filled with local or organic products: delicatessen, jams, chocolates, cheeses... A gourmet gift that's sure to please.

  • Opt for sweet treats: macaroons, cupcakes, artisan chocolates... A sweet treat that will melt your taste buds.

  • Think of a bottle of wine or craft beer: a classic gift that always pleases lovers of good things.

3. Unforgettable experiences for thrill-seekers:

  • Offer a voucher for a parachute jump, a climbing session or a first flight: a unique and unforgettable experience.

  • Book tickets for a concert, show or exhibition: a cultural outing that will delight lovers of art and entertainment.

  • Opt for a voucher for a massage or spa treatment: a well-deserved moment of relaxation and well-being.

4. Personalized gifts for a unique touch:

  • Create a personalized photo album featuring your fondest memories: a sentimental gift that will bring back fond memories.

  • Offer a mug or t-shirt with a personalized message or photo: an original and fun gift.

  • Order a piece of jewelry engraved with a first name, a date or a special message: a unique and precious gift.

5. Cultural gifts for curious minds:

  • Offer a gift voucher for a book or record store: a gift that will allow the recipient to indulge his or her tastes.

  • Subscribe to a magazine or a music streaming service: a gift that will delight reading or music fans.

  • Book tickets for a guided tour of a museum or historic site: an enriching outing that will appeal to the curious.

6. Homemade gifts for extra special attention:

  • Bake a homemade cake or cookies: a thoughtful, gourmet gift that's sure to please everyone.

  • Make a scented candle or potpourri: an original and creative DIY gift.

  • Offer a personalized artistic creation: a drawing, a painting, a poem... A unique and touching gift.

Tips for successful last-minute gifts:

  • Enough about the person's tastes and interests. What do they do in their free time? What do they like to do?

  • Define your budget. There are gifts for every budget, so don't be discouraged if you don't have much money.

  • Be creative and original! A personalized or homemade gift will be even more appreciated.

  • Don't forget the card! A handwritten note is the perfect accompaniment to your gift.

There are a thousand and one ways to make a great last-minute gift. The important thing is to choose a gift that will please the person you're giving it to. With a little imagination and thought, you'll find the perfect gift, even at the last minute!



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