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What to get someone for Secret Santa?

Christmas is coming: and with that, the endless searching for gifts for those around you. Included in the present anxiety, Christmas is also the period of secret Santa Clauses. Hence, it is unavoidable that every year, the same hurdle comes up: how to find an original gift within the desired budget of 5€, 10€, 15€ or 20€?

Of course, we always look for the original gift. We want to offer what will please and impress our colleagues, family, and friends. Nevertheless, in the end, the rule is that we deliver a box of chocolate bought the day before, a plant for the desk, or a mug to use during coffee breaks.

Good news! This year we have done all the research for you! Have you considered gifting an authentic Parisian piece made in France--maybe for the history lover of Paris? The eco-responsible service creating sustainable products?

Toit de Paris is a one-of-a-kind gift.

The Je t'aime product is perfect for you. A genuine half-century-old piece of the Parisian roof to accompany your keys, a bag, a case, or even a purse. A lucky charm, an eternal reminder of Paris that can follow you everywhere.

Screen-printed on the key ring is a drawing of the Eiffel Tower. Undeniably, a symbol of the city of light. Its particularity? Designed according to the Golden Ratio, it will please the engineer hidden inside you or your loved one!

Want something more personal? Toit de Paris is offering the chance to personalize your purchase. When ordering, you can indicate the initials or the message you want us to carve on the back of your object.

Most importantly, the lucky charm fits all budgets. You can now find it on sale here for the price of 15€.



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