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In love with Paris,
what if you had
a piece of it?

A genuine piece of Toit de Paris 🇫🇷♻️🫶

An original and stylish decorative item

An authentic souvenir of Paris

Ville de Paris


What emotion ! A super original art work that is in my library.


A unique memory, I lived in the marais, I was offered this unforgettable gift.


I didn't dare to open it, it's so beautiful!

A bearer of history


Visiting the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, and all the other Parisian monuments is a unique experience that must be remembered. And to help you keep a memory of Paris, we offer you a unique gift: a real piece of the French capital.


To this end, we went to find zinc sheets for you on the roofs of Paris, recovered by our seasoned roofers, to recycle them and make them into an unusual object.

A symbol that has captured the soul of Paris


This original gift reveals itself to you and tells you its story, what it experienced, at the very top, where it all began, where the view is breathtaking.

Emblematic of the city, it carries within it the Parisian effervescence which is engraved in the material.

Each piece being unique, you carry in your suitcase a piece of Parisian life: daily life in Haussmann buildings, the flea market, the unique atmosphere of the marshes, the cultural events of the Place de la Bastille, the view of the 'Triumphal arch, …

A family story: The mother and her daughter


Since the beginning of the Toit de Paris adventure, Constance has collaborated with her mother Béatrice, who has been a graphic designer for more than 20 years. It is Béatrice who is at the origin of all the visual identity and the graphics of the brand.

Together, they share a love for the city's architecture.

It is thanks to her that you will be able to offer original gifts in memory of Paris.

100% made in France


At Toit de Paris, we design 100% made in France souvenirs. Thus, our creations are recycled and shaped by hand. For this, we work in collaboration with LHP companies (Living Heritage Company).

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