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Constance Fichet-Schulz



At the beginning…

In 2019, Constance created La Fabrique de Génies, a company offering craft initiation workshops. 

The aim was to connect people to passionate craftsmen, allow them to discover the profession, and help them learn how to make handmade and unique objects, such as leather goods, bracelets, and more, depending on each person's expertise. 

The desire to go further...

Some objects turned out to be too complex for neophytes to make. Rather than abandon them, Constance chased them through the creation of a lab!


Following, Le Lab' of La Fabrique de Génies was born! A place dedicated to creating beautiful objects that have meaning and a story.


The birth of the idea - TOIT DE PARIS

I am with Aurore, a gilder, who is showing me his work, and we are looking for inspiration for a future workshop at the Fabrique de Génies. One of his creations particularly catches my eye. It is a map of a city designed with gold leaf.


For several years, my husband, who is passionate about history- especially the Parisian one, has been collecting maps of Paris at home. Some are old, while others are modern. 


So, I'm with Aurore, admiring her work, thinking about how this plan made with gold leaf is magnificent. But then again, perhaps difficult to achieve in an initiation workshop. 


What if we made it a product? 


The questions jostle: why an object, on what support, and what material to utilize to create that mini plan of the city? We keep on thinking, but we can't find it. 


During my metro ride home, the idea is not leaving me. I want to find a way! When I get back-I live on the 5th floor of an apartment facing a Haussmannian building- I sit in front of my computer, doing some research and hoping to figure it out. But nothing. Despaired, I look outside and take a breath. 


And there in front of me, majestic, reflecting the sun, the Parisian zinc roof. It's obvious, it will be the ROOF OF PARIS!

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