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FOCUS is a piece of a Parisian roof more than half a century old. A focused map is screen-printed on its surface. This particular item depicts the 11th district of Paris.


It is made of recycled zinc sheet. Its production is entirely French and handmade. Each piece is unique.


Some FOCUS pieces are dark grey, while others are light. The material is sometimes grainy, and sometimes smooth. There are traces of its roof origins (scratches or stains). It is important to note that the zinc sheet is more than half a century old, and how it has aged depends on the particular rooftop. Three factors cause zinc roofs to age differently:

  • Exposure
  • Ventilation
  • The quality of the zinc


Customizing your Toit de Paris is now possible, with a word, a name, initials – let your imagination run free. Additionally, we can now add a location point to the address of your choice (in the selected district).


If you choose to personalize, please let us know the initials, a brief message, or the address you'd like to include in the message section during your order. Don't forget to enable this option before adding it to your cart.

11th District

  • 12CM/12CM

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