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A print from 1968 in a very limited edition. No two pieces are alike, they are unique. In your box you will find an authentic piece of newspaper from 1968 found under your roof, sealed in an envelope and numbered.


EMPREINTE is a piece of roof from Paris from over half a century ago. It has been silk-screened to discover its origin. EMPREINTE stands alone and does not need any support thanks to its folding which makes reference to traditional roofing techniques. This folding is recognizable on all the roofs of Paris, and is what gives them a zebra relief.


It is made of zinc that we have recycled. The manufacturing is entirely French and handmade. Each piece is unique and does not look the same.


EMPREINTE will be sent to you in a box. In it you will find :

  • A booklet so that you can learn all about the TOIT DE PARIS
  • A sealed and numbered certificate of authenticity
  • A document narrating a historical event of the year 1968 and an anecdote about the roofers.
  • An authentic piece of newspaper from 1968 found under your roof, sealed in an envelope, numbered


Some of the prints are dark grey, others are light grey. The material is sometimes grainy, sometimes smooth. There are traces of its stay on the roofs (scratches or stains), the sheet has lived, it has more than half a century. It depends on its ageing on the roofs. Three factors make zinc roofs age differently:

  • Exposure
  • The ventilation
  • The quality of the zinc

Limited edition 1968

  • 21cm/14cm before folding

    19.8cm/14cm after folding

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