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EMPREINTE: Your Paris map, a hold on history 

In Paris, every street corner is steeped in history, every building tells a unique story, and every arrondissement has its own unique charm. For lovers of the City of Light, it's almost impossible not to fall under the spell of its exceptional architectural treasures, art and culture.


This work is available on request, and prices may vary. At, or by phone


Whether hung on a wall, an easel or a pedestal, this timeless work of art will decorate your home with its typically Parisian charm. It measures approximately 80cmx60cm. Once you've bought it, you'll be its sole owner - no two are alike. Designed and handcrafted in France.


With this in mind, we've created EMPREINTE, a unique, monumental work of art that lets you own an authentic piece of Paris, district by district. The essence of this extraordinary city is captured in each fragment of recycled zinc that we've carefully transformed into a unique piece of art.


We've put in a colossal amount of work to make this one, dedicating many hours to it.

This iconic creation fuses contemporary art with the very essence of the City of Light, offering a new perspective on the architectural beauty of Paris. Reinventing the urban landscape, we aim to celebrate the harmony between tradition and modernity, capturing the soul of this bustling city through its shapes and colors.

This work embodies the creativity and ingenuity of Paris's architecture and heritage. It is one of our masterpieces: our contemporary Parisian work.

Our mission is to celebrate our know-how, while promoting our heritage, and thus highlighting French excellence.

EMPREINTE - Monumental work

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  • 80cm/60cm approximativement

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