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A unique Parisian decoration


While Parisian souvenir shops are filled with all kinds of decorative trinkets, they all lack the level of authenticity that is inherent to the City of Light.

So, to adorn your home or delight your loved ones with a one-of-a-kind gift, choose FRAGMENT; a piece of Parisian roof that is over half a century old.


It is made of recycled zinc, screen-printed to reveal its origin. The manufacturing process is entirely French and artisanal.


Some FRAGMENTS are dark gray, others are light gray. The material can be granular or smooth, with traces of its time on the rooftops of Paris, such as scratches or stains.

These differences depend on the aging of the material, including its exposure to the sun, ventilation, and the quality of the zinc.

And if the fragment is not perfectly smooth or uniform, it's because the sheet has a history. After more than half a century, these pieces of Parisian roofs have endured weather conditions, rainwater, storms, and more.


Since each piece is different, you get a truly unique Parisian decoration.


Exploring your Toit de Paris


FRAGMENT is more than just a Parisian decoration. It's an invitation to discovery. Your piece of Parisian roof will be sent to you in an envelope, along with:

  • A map of Paris to help you find the origin of your fragment.
  • A numbered certificate of authenticity.


You can simply overlay the map on the FRAGMENT to trace its origin. And if you can't locate its position in the streets of Paris, you can always use the QR code provided with your certificate.


If you choose to personalize, please let us know the initials or a short message you'd like to include in the message section during your order.

It is made of zinc that we recycled. The manufacture is entirely French and handmade. Each piece is unique.


  • Order your Fragment and pick it up during the week in Paris at our office in Neuilly-sur-Seine. Option available when in stock.

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