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The Toit de Paris Keychain truly embodies the essence of Paris:


1. A Unique Gift, a Piece of Paris

This unique keychain offers much more than a simple accessory. It's an original gift that contains a genuine piece of the City of Light, which you can either gift or cherish for yourself. Each piece is crafted from recycled Parisian rooftops, establishing a tangible connection with the history of Paris.


2. The Duo Offer, Benefits:

Treat yourself to two keychains and enjoy a discount, whether it's for a gift, yourself, a loved one, someone from your circle, or a colleague, delight them with this Duo offer at €30.


3. A Piece of Parisian History

Each Toit de Paris Keychain carries within it a unique history, having aged individually after spending over half a century on the rooftops of Paris. Variations in color, texture, and the marks of time give each piece its distinctive character.


4. Made in France, Eco-Friendly, and Artisanal

The manufacturing of these keychains is entirely French, emphasizing quality and artisanal expertise. Toit de Paris is also committed to eco-responsibility by recycling Parisian rooftops to create these unique pieces.


5. A Mother-Daughter Duo Behind the Idea

Behind each creation is a mother-daughter duo passionate about art, history, and the beauty of Paris. Their personal involvement adds a warm and authentic touch to each piece, creating a unique emotional connection.


6. An Original Creation, Timeless and Elegant Design

The design of each keychain reflects the elegance of Paris and timeless craftsmanship. These pieces are carefully crafted with golden proportions based on the golden ratio, offering undeniable visual harmony that is sure to captivate.


7. A Versatile Accessory and Good Luck Charm

The Toit de Paris Keychain goes beyond its function as a simple accessory. It can accompany your keys, wallet, handbag, backpack, and many other items in your daily life. It's designed to be your constant companion, adding a touch of Parisian charm to your life.


8. Customization through Engraving

To further personalize this special gift, you have the option to add initials or a short message of your choice.


9. A Unique Design

Whether it's the Eiffel Tower overlooking the rooftops of Paris or the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, dating back to 1163, paying tribute to the roofers who are in the process of rebuilding the roof following the incident that occurred in 2019. Make your choice, or choose both to make more people happy!

In the end, the Porte-Clé, Toit de Paris, captures the magic of the City of Light, allowing you to keep a part of its timeless charm close at hand. Whether you're a passionate visitor to Paris or a devoted resident, each piece testifies to the beauty, culture, and history that make Paris a truly captivating city. Gifting or owning one of these keychains means possessing a fragment of Paris, a symbol of love for this extraordinary city.


For whom are Toit de Paris creations intended?

Toit de Paris creations are for all lovers of the City of Light, whether they are temporary visitors or dedicated residents of their city. They find their place among those seeking unique, authentic, and original gifts, as well as among enthusiasts of history, architecture, and timeless design. For those concerned with eco-responsibility and desiring to form a deep emotional connection with Paris, Toit de Paris creations perfectly embody the essence of the French capital. Whether as gifts or collectibles, they represent the history of Paris and are meant to be cherished for generations to come.


For what occasions are Toit de Paris creations suitable?

Toit de Paris creations are suitable for various occasions, ranging from Christmas and year-end gifts to birthdays, souvenirs from Paris for traveling friends, wedding gifts, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or for parents passionate about the history of Paris. They also offer an ideal gift option for environmentally-conscious friends in search of sustainable, French-made gifts. These creations make an inspired choice for family members, aunts, cousins who are fans of craftsmanship, as well as an original option for admirers of Parisian architecture, roofers, or those who appreciate recycled objects. Consider Secret Santa or Canadian Christmas — they're the perfect gift to pleasantly surprise your colleague with an unusual and meaningful find. In the end, they represent an unusual gift that will surprise your circle and can move them with the quality of your choice, which can be personalized.

All our French, artisanal, and recycled creations are available for client and collaborator gifts. They make the perfect corporate gift, customizable with your company logo.

Duo offer: Two Keychains

  • 6.5CM/4CM

    The proportions of the product have been drawn according to the golden ratio.

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