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The Arc de Triomphe de Paris Keyring embodies the essence of the City of Light, created from authentic materials recycled from Parisian rooftops. Each piece, the fruit of French craftsmanship, is sublimated by an emblematic drawing of the Arc de Triomphe.


It's a tribute to iconic architecture and the preservation of art in the heart of Paris. Each piece, having survived more than half a century on Parisian rooftops, has a unique character, with its own palette of shades and textures, synonymous with unique ageing. 


The traces of zinc on the roofs, such as scratches and stains, are authentic witnesses to its history.


The Arc de Triomphe Keyring embodies the true spirit of the City of Light, offering an authentic gift steeped in history.


The story of the Arc de Triomphe's construction is punctuated by difficulties and technical challenges. Napoleon I ordered its construction in 1806 to celebrate the military victories of the French army, but the project was interrupted several times due to wars, the fall of Napoleon and financial problems.


During this period, the architect Jean-François Chalgrin, who was in charge of the project, died in 1811 without seeing his work completed. Jean-Nicolas Huyot, another architect, took over the project in 1832.

This practical, lucky accessory blends harmoniously with your keys and can adorn a variety of objects. Whether you're a visitor or a resident, this object pays tribute to the splendor, culture and history of Paris.


Toit de Paris creations appeal to a diverse audience, attracting enthusiasts of the City of Light, history, architecture and design. For those who favor eco-responsibility and seek a deep connection with Paris, these creations reflect the essence of the French capital.


Ideal for all occasions, our creations are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, sightseeing, weddings, Father's Day, Mother's Day, or simply as a sustainable gift made in France. They're an original find for lovers of Parisian architecture, an authentic gift for a close roofer, or for anyone who appreciates recycled objects.


A practical, lucky charm, this key-ring goes beyond its initial function: whether you want to surprise your loved ones with an original gift, or to treat yourself, it fits harmoniously with your keys, while embellishing your everyday life, whether on your purse, handbag, backpack, pencil case, and many other objects.


This exclusive creation resonates with the eternal magic of the City of Light, offering the chance to keep a piece of its charm close at hand. Whether you're a passionate visitor or a loyal resident, this object pays tribute to the splendor, culture and history that make Paris a truly enchanting city.


Aimed at a diverse audience, Toit de Paris creations appeal to enthusiasts of the City of Light, whether they're passing through for a few days or permanent residents. They also appeal to those in search of singular, authentic and original gifts, inspiring lovers of history, architecture and design. For the eco-minded seeking a deep connection with Paris, these creations reflect the essence of the French capital, echoing a Paris steeped in history, destined to be cherished by future generations.


Toit de Paris creations can be given as gifts or to oneself on many occasions. Ideal for celebrating Christmas and delighting Paris enthusiasts, they make excellent end-of-year gifts, mark a significant anniversary, and serve as unique souvenirs for visitors or special gifts for weddings. A thoughtful choice for Father's Day, especially for an architect father, or Mother's Day, honoring a design-loving mother. These creations are also suitable for parents with a passion for the history of Paris, for environmentally conscious friends looking for sustainable gifts made in France, for family members who appreciate craftsmanship, as well as for lovers of Parisian architecture and anyone who likes recycled objects, offering an original and unusual gift option.

Arc de Triomphe keychain

  • 6,5CM/4CM

    Proportions have been drawn that correspond to the perfect ration of the golden ratio

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