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The Toit de Paris Keychain embodies an authentic piece of the City of Light, perfect for gifting or keeping as a memento of Paris, elegantly presented in its gift box.


Crafted from genuine materials sourced from recycled Parisian rooftops, each piece is the result of meticulous French artisanal design. We've chosen to elevate these unique items by screen-printing an iconic image of Paris: the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral overlooking the city's rooftops.


It represents over 800 years of history, honoring the craftsmanship of roofers and more than eight centuries of heritage.


We've decided to pay tribute to Notre Dame on our Parisian rooftops, celebrating the skill and dedication of the roofers who tirelessly work on the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral's roof. This is why we've chosen to illustrate and highlight it in our creations.


The Porte-Clé Toit de Paris is more than just an accessory; it's infused with the history and soul of the City of Light. Having endured over half a century on Parisian rooftops, each piece possesses its own unique character, influenced by its individual aging process. You'll discover a range of shades, from deep grays to lighter grays, and a texture that can be granular or smooth.


The marks from its time on the rooftops, such as scratches and stains, serve as genuine witnesses to its history. Indeed, zinc on Parisian rooftops ages uniquely, influenced by various factors like exposure, ventilation, and the quality of the material. Consequently, each keychain is a one-of-a-kind piece.


The Porte-Clé Toit de Paris embodies the true spirit of the City of Light, offering your loved ones an authentic gift steeped in history. Its proportions, adhering to the famous golden ratio, endow it with undeniable aesthetic harmony that is sure to delight.


Whether to pleasantly surprise your loved ones with an original gift or to indulge yourself, this keychain is more than just an accessory; it's a good luck charm that will accompany you everywhere. It pairs seamlessly with your keys, but it can also adorn your wallet, handbag, backpack, pencil case, and many other items.


And if you wish to personalize your Porte-Clé Toit de Paris, simply let us know the initials or a short message of your choice when placing your order.


In closing, here's an interesting tidbit: In the mid-19th century, during the major renovations initiated by Haussmann in Paris, zinc became the favored material for rooftops, which allowed for increased living space in buildings. Today, over 70% of the city's rooftops are made of zinc, contributing to Paris's unique identity.


For all those who admire Paris, this exclusive creation evokes the everlasting magic of the City of Light, offering the chance to keep a piece of its charm within reach. Whether you're a passionate visitor or a loyal resident, this item pays homage to the magnificence, culture, and history that truly enchant Paris and its people.


Who are Toit de Paris creations intended for?

Toit de Paris creations appeal to a diverse audience, bringing together lovers of the City of Light, whether they are passing through for a few days or call it home. These creations also attract those in search of distinctive, authentic, and original gifts, as well as enthusiasts of history, architecture, and timeless design. For customers who value eco-conscious choices and wish to form a deep emotional connection with Paris, Toit de Paris creations perfectly embody the essence of the French capital. Whether you're giving or keeping them, they represent a Paris rich in history, destined to be cherished for generations to come.


What occasions are suitable for giving or receiving Toit de Paris creations?

Toit de Paris creations are perfect for a wide range of occasions, from Christmas and year-end gifts to birthdays, souvenirs from Paris for traveling friends, and wedding presents. They are an excellent choice for Father's Day, Mother's Day, or for parents who are passionate about the history of Paris. They make wonderful gifts for environmentally conscious friends who appreciate sustainable, French-made gifts. These creations are also a great gift idea for family members, aunts, cousins who are fans of handmade items. Lastly, they offer an original gift option for admirers of Parisian architecture, an authentic gift for roofers, or anyone who values recycled objects, making them an unconventional and unique gift choice.


Toit de Paris creations are also well-suited for events like "Secret Santa" or "Canadian Christmas." They represent an ideal choice to pleasantly surprise your colleagues with original and meaningful finds. In the end, they serve as distinctive gifts that are capable of surprising and touching your loved ones, especially since they can be personalized. All our creations, made in France with an artisanal and eco-friendly approach, are available for gifting to your clients and collaborators. They make for the perfect corporate gift, and they can be customized with your company's logo.

Toit de Paris Keychain - Notre Dame

  • 6.5CM/4CM


    The proportions were drawn to correspond perfectly to the golden ratio.

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