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The Porte-Clé, Toit de Paris, is much more than a simple accessory; it embodies the DNA of Paris.


Personalize it with the location of your meeting, your wedding, your apartment...

Write us the address and we'll engrave it with the map of Paris. This personalized map of Paris is a unique souvenir to share or to take home.


1. Give an unforgettable personalized gift

Imagine your loved one's surprise when they discover this personalized key ring. It captures much more than a precious place: it immortalizes the moments and memories you've cherished together.


2. An authentic fragment of Paris to mark a special moment

This personalized Paris key ring is the perfect present for couples, families and Paris lovers. Select a landmark on a city map and add GPS coordinates to symbolize a place important to you. Whether it's the place of your first meeting, your marriage proposal or the birth of your child.


3. Customizable personalization

What's more, you can personalize the key ring with a date, message or initials to add an even more special touch to this unique gift. A strong symbol of your love and unique bond. This personalized card is more than just a key ring. It embodies a profound symbol of your love and connection.


4. A memorable gift for any occasion

This personalized key ring is a wonderful way to preserve an unforgettable memory of your love story. Whether it's Christmas, Valentine's Day, a wedding anniversary or any other special occasion, this gift is sure to be cherished by your partner. Every time he or she lays eyes on this key ring, he or she will be reminded of the profound meaning it holds.


5. Celebrate your love with a key ring featuring a personalized map of Paris:

Place your order now for this personalized Toit de Paris key ring and give a unique, romantic gift from the heart. Immortalizing your precious moments in a personalized city poster with GPS coordinates is an extraordinary way to celebrate your love and create a memory to last a lifetime.


Did you know? 

In the 19th century, under the impetus of Haussmann, Parisian roofs were revolutionized with the introduction of zinc, becoming emblematic of the City of Light. Today, over 70% of Parisian roofs are made of zinc, bearing the marks of the city's history and modernization.


French origin, respect for the environment and craftsmanship 

Each key ring is entirely made in France, emphasizing quality and craftsmanship. Toit de Paris is committed to an eco-responsible approach, recycling materials from Parisian rooftops to create unique, long-lasting objects.


A practical, lucky accessory

The Toit de Paris key ring is not limited to its role as a conventional key ring. It can be associated with your keys, purse, handbag, backpack or any other object you carry on a daily basis. Designed to be your everyday companion, it brings a touch of Parisian elegance to your life.


Finally, the Toit de Paris key ring evokes the timeless magic of the City of Light, allowing you to keep a fragment of its charm close at hand, whether you're a keen visitor or a devoted resident. It's a tribute to the beauty, culture and history that make Paris a truly enchanting city. To give or own one of these key rings is to own a piece of Paris, a symbol of affection for this extraordinary city.

Who are Toit de Paris creations for?

Toit de Paris creations appeal to a wide audience, bringing together lovers of Paris, whether they're visiting the City of Light for a few days, or live or have lived there. They attract people looking for unique, authentic and original gifts. History, architecture and design enthusiasts will also be delighted. These creations perfectly reflect the essence of the French capital for those who value eco-responsibility and wish to establish a deep emotional bond with Paris. Give or keep a piece of Parisian history and cherish it for generations to come.


What are the best occasions to give or treat yourself to Toit de Paris?

Toit de Paris creations are perfect for Christmas, for all Paris lovers, as end-of-year gifts, for a birthday, as a souvenir for a friend on a sightseeing trip or as a wedding present. They're perfect for Father's Day, for a father who's an architect, a mother who's a designer, for Mother's Day or for a parent who's passionate about Parisian history. They're a gift idea for an environmentally-conscious friend, a sustainable gift made in France. They're an excellent gift idea for a family member, an aunt or a cousin who loves artisanal creations.  Finally, an original gift for those who appreciate Parisian architecture, an authentic gift for a close roofer, or for lovers of recycled objects, this is an unusual find.

Key ring - personalized plan

  • 6,5CM/4CM

    Proportions have been drawn that correspond to the perfect ration of the golden ratio.

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