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2 million reused tiles: when reuse enhances architecture

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Wang Shu shows us how new and old can blend perfectly to create sustainable, aesthetically pleasing buildings.

In 2012, Chinese architect Wang Shu was awarded the Pritzker Prize, considered the Nobel Prize of architecture. What makes him special? His commitment to sustainable, environmentally-friendly architecture.

A commitment born of close observation of traditional techniques:

Wang Shu has always been fascinated by traditional Chinese building techniques. He studied their principles and ingenuity, and sought to integrate them into his own creations.

The emblematic example of Ningbo University:

One of Wang Shu's most emblematic projects is the University of Ningbo, built with over 2 million reused tiles. These tiles, taken from old demolished houses, were carefully cleaned and reinstalled on the new building.

The result? An architecture that is both unique and sustainable, paying homage to the past while looking to the future.

Wang Shu, un pionnier de l'architecture durable :

Wang Shu, a pioneer of sustainable architecture:

Wang Shu's work is a source of inspiration for architects the world over.He shows us that it is possible to construct beautiful, functional and sustainable buildings using recycled materials and traditional techniques.

That's why, at Toit de Paris, we bring roofs back to life through the circular economy.

Toit de Paris combines tradition and innovation in the service of architectural heritage.

Our mission? To make the most of existing building materials to give a second life to the roofs of our cities. By adopting the principles of the circular economy, we breathe new identity into these key elements of the urban landscape.

Our expertise: reuse at the heart of renovation

At Toit de Paris, we specialize in the re-use of building materials.

Tiles, frameworks, slates... each element is carefully dismantled, sorted and cleaned to give it a new life.

More than just a renovation, a sustainable approach:

By giving priority to re-use, we considerably reduce the environmental impact of renovation projects.Our approach is fully in line with the principles of sustainable development, limiting the production of new materials and making the most of existing resources.

Restoring character to city roofs:

Far from being a simple maintenance operation, reuse allows us to restore character to roofs. By integrating old materials into new constructions, we create unique, authentic spaces that contribute to the rich architectural heritage of our towns and cities.

Toit de Paris: your partner for responsible, aesthetic renovation:

Would you like to breathe new life into your roof while respecting the environment?

Toit de Paris is your ideal partner. Our team of experts can help you with all your renovation projects, offering tailor-made, eco-friendly solutions.

Contact us to find out more!



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