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The history of Neuilly-sur-Seine

The history of Neuilly-sur-Seine dates back to medieval times when it was just a small parish. Its humble past contrasts with the splendor that would come to characterize this commune at the gates of Paris.

histoire de Neuilly sur seine

19th Century: The Golden Age

It was in the 19th century that Neuilly-sur-Seine experienced remarkable growth. Becoming the preferred retreat of the Parisian high society, the commune witnessed the erection of sumptuous residences that still stand today as witnesses of a bygone but undeniably glorious era.

Natural Escape: The Bois de Boulogne

At the heart of this elegant urbanity, the Bois de Boulogne offers a natural escape. Its wooded expanses, sparkling lakes, and soothing trails invite visitors to a memorable stroll, creating a perfect balance between urban hustle and natural tranquility.

Timeless Entertainment

The Jardin d'Acclimatation, a true institution of Neuilly-sur-Seine, resounds with the laughter of past generations. Theme parks, enchanted gardens, and relaxation areas make this place a symbol of family entertainment, bearing witness to a heritage that continues to evolve.

A Love Story with the Seine

The banks of the Seine in Neuilly weave a romantic tapestry. Carefully landscaped quays, elegant footbridges, and river panoramas create an idyllic atmosphere. A stroll along these shores evokes a time when every step was a romantic dance along the Seine's banks.

Balanced Urban Life

Neuilly-sur-Seine doesn't dwell in the past but continues to evolve while preserving its old-world charm. Elegant boutiques, refined restaurants, and cultural events bring a modern touch to this commune, creating a contemporary living experience at the heart of a rich history.

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histoire de neuilly sur seine

Neuilly-sur-Seine, a glorious 19th century, sumptuous residences. Nature at the Bois de Boulogne, entertainment at the Jardin d'Acclimatation, a romance with the Seine, a balanced urban life. Immortalize these moments with Toit de Paris keychains, witnesses of your unique story.



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