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A piece of Paris in the palm of your hands 🫶

Toit de Paris is a French creation, and we collaborate with artisans both in its production and in sourcing the raw materials. Toit de Paris is the only workshop that crafts objects from recycled rooftops.

French Craftsmanship:

French craftsmanship is at the core of our identity at Toit de Paris. Every step of our creative process is rooted in the tradition of French craftsmanship. Our unique pieces are born in the skillful hands of our artisans, whose expertise has been passed down through generations. This pride in local manufacturing resonates throughout our creations, making each Toit de Paris object a celebration of French artistry.

made in france

Recycled & Sustainable:

Our commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation is a cornerstone of Toit de Paris. We source our raw materials directly from the rooftops of the city. These reclaimed zinc sheets, salvaged during renovation projects, are given a new lease on life as unique works of art. This environmentally conscious approach significantly reduces our carbon footprint and contributes to the preservation of natural resources.

upcycling parisian roof

History of Parisian Roofs:

Our creations are steeped in the rich history of Parisian rooftops. They narrate the transition from traditional slate roofs to zinc roofs, an architectural shift that shaped the urban landscape in the mid-19th century. Owning a Toit de Paris object means possessing a piece of this captivating history, with its architectural evolution engraved in every detail. Our objects are more than mere decorations; they are testaments to the soul of Paris.

history of paris

Collaboration with Artisans:

Our close collaboration with Parisian artisans is crucial in bringing our creations to life. Local roofers and zinc workers, whose craft is to preserve the city's architecture, are invaluable partners. They not only provide us with the raw materials but also actively participate in the creation of our urban artworks. We draw inspiration from their techniques and expertise in the design of our creations. This synergy between traditional craftsmanship and contemporary creativity is at the heart of our approach, enabling the realization of unique, poetic, and sustainable objects.

In summary, Toit de Paris is much more than just a brand; it is a celebration of French craftsmanship, sustainability, the captivating history of Parisian roofs, and collaboration with talented artisans. Owning a Toit de Paris object means possessing a treasure laden with meaning and history while contributing to the preservation of our architectural and environmental heritage."



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