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A piece of UNESCO heritage in your living room?

Toit de Paris, an original work crafted from authentic pieces of Parisian rooftops, the signature of the City of Light.

parisian roof

It's this sea of gray and blue that we owe to Haussmann during the redesign of Paris.

Parisian Roofs as a UNESCO Heritage Site?

🏛️ When will the Trades of Parisian Roofers-Zinc Workers and Ornamentalists be recognized as part of UNESCO's World Cultural and Intangible Heritage? 🏛️

In 2014, a passionate group decided to seek recognition for the trades of Parisian roofers-zinc workers and ornamentalists as part of UNESCO's World Cultural and Intangible Heritage. These exceptional artisans preserve our rich architectural heritage.

Ten years later, Véronique Roger-Lacan, Ambassador of France to UNESCO, recently submitted the candidacy dossier. Roofers and ornamentalists now represent France for the 2023/2024 inscription session.

architecture histoire paris

Together, let's celebrate our unique architectural heritage and honor these passionate artisans. 🙌🏽🏰"



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