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Best Views of Paris: Free of Charge!

Around the globe, Paris is considered to be the city of love or—in French—“la ville de l’amour”. Not only is it perceived to be extraordinarily romantic to visit but also—internationally—people are excited to encounter its well-known cultural beauty, taste the celebrated French cuisine, and explore the “authentic” Parisian life by walking around the city’s hidden streets and corners.

Nevertheless, why not take a moment to enjoy the city of Paris from above while exploring? Here are the best spots to do that, aside from the mainstream tourist attractions!

For those interested in combining it with other major visits, look here: La Ville Lumière: Where to see Paris from Above.

Let's get started:

33 rue Piat

Found in Belleville, on the right bank of the river Seine and in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, this street borders the Parc de Belleville. This point is quite magical: right in front of a descending stairwell and under an iron arc surrounded by lush trees, you can get a uniquely beautiful view of a plethora of colorful houses with a background of the city where the Eiffel Tower is easily distinguishable. After enjoying the view, I prompt you to take a walk in the park—it is wonderful.

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Rue du Mont Cenis Staircase

Except for the magical view, one can get from the famous Sacré-Cœur—or the stairs right in front of the church—that I mentioned above, Montmartre is characterized by several spots from which the whole of Paris is visible. One of the best is the Rue du Mont Cenis staircase. At the top of the hill and close to the Place du Tertre—with all the cute restaurants and multiple artists creating their works—the view from this street justifies all the walking you need to do to get there!