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Gift Ideas for the Architect in Your Life

Choosing a gift for an architect is, at times, a difficult task. These creative spirits have a sharpened sense of design and aesthetic that makes your choice of gift even more important.

This is why we’ve compiled this list of gift ideas that are sure to please an architect, no matter if they are a student, a professional, or simply passionate about architecture. Whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, discover the ideas which will inspire and delight these lovers of the art of building.

A High-End Sketchbook

For an architect, sketching is often the first expression of creativity. Give them a high-end sketchbook with quality paper that they can use both pencils, markers, and watercolors in. This will allow them to jot down ideas and set free their imagination in style.

A Work Inspired by the Architecture of Paris

Discover Toit de Paris, a studio that transforms Parisian roofing into urban decorative objects. The concept: bring to light the unique architecture of the city while recycling the roofing and while creating original works of art, where a map of Paris has been screen printed to indicate its origin. Each piece is unique because the roofing tile has survived more than 50 years and shows evidence of that time. To learn more, click HERE.

An Inspiring Architecture Book

Architects are often looking for inspiration. Give them an architecture book that highlights the work of big architects, emblematic buildings, or innovative concepts. A nice book of architectural photography could equally be inspirational for a creative spirit.

A Subscription to an Architecture Review

To nourish their passion for architecture, a subscription to a specialized review in their domain could be an excellent idea. They will be able to keep up-to-date on the latest trends, innovative projects, and advances in the industry.

An Architectural Model to Assemble

Architects love models! Give them an architectural model to assemble, whether it’s a famous monument, an emblematic building, or a conceptual architectural project. This light-hearted activity gives them permission to be creative while also appreciating the process of construction.

Thoughtful Office Accessories

For an architect, their office is often a space for creation. Give them office accessories like an original pen holder, an artistic paperweight, or even an inspirational mousepad. These little details will add a touch of aesthetic to their workspace.

An Architecture Workshop or Visit

For a really unforgettable experience, give them a workshop with a renowned architect or a guided visit of an emblematic building. This will help them learn up-close about the work of their peers and immerse themselves in the architecture that they are passionate about.

Finding the most ideal gift for an architect requires creativity and reflection, but it’s worth it to show them how much you appreciate their passion and talent. Opt for gifts that stimulate their creativity, inspire their artistic spirit, and reflect their love for architecture. Whichever you end up getting, the attention you have given to their specific interests will not fail to touch the heart of this lover of the art of construction.



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