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Gift Ideas for the Graphic Designer in Your Life

Finding the perfect gift for a graphic designer could seem to be a creative task in itself. Whether you’re looking to surprise an artistic friend or thank a colleague, we have created a list of gift ideas that will certainly inspire their creative side.

Books to inspire them:

Give them art, design, or illustration books to nourish their creativity and widen their horizons.

A design object that reflects the architecture of Paris:

Toit de Paris is a studio that highlights the architectural singularity of the City of Light through unique, recycled pieces. The project was launched by a mother-daughter duo —  Béatrice Fichet, the mother, is a graphic designer of 30 years and handles the visual identity of the brand. Additionally, she worked with great architects like Rudy Ricciotti, Nicolas Michelin, and Philippe Fichet. 

A subscription to a creative software:

A subscription to a creative software like Adobe Creative Cloud will give them access to a range of tools to create their projects.

A drawing tablet:

A quality drawing tablet will allow them to draw and create more fluidly and intuitively.


Graphic designers always appreciate quality sketchbooks to jot their ideas and concepts down in.

Original office decor:

Opt for unique office decor, like creative pen-holders or original mousepads.

Art prints:

Give them reproductions of inspiring art to decorate their workspace.

Training or workshop:

Signing a graphic designer up for a training or workshop online or in person in a subject that interests them will be a rewarding experience for them.


A nice camera will allow them to capture images for their creative projects.

Subscription to design magazines:

Give them a subscription to magazines that specialize in design so they can stay on top of trends.

Quality pens and markers:

Top-notch pens and markers will always be useful for their sketching and illustrating.

Studio lighting:

For those who work in a studio, good lighting is essential for creating quality work.

Gift card to an art bookstore:

Opt for a giftcard to an art bookstore so they can choose the books which inspire them the most

By choosing a gift that reflects their passion for design and art, you are sure to make any graphic designer happy. Don’t forget that the heart of the gift lies in your intention and appreciation of their creative career.



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