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How much does a visit to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris cost?

Since the 2019 fire, Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris has been closed to the public. However, it is still possible to admire the building from the outside and enjoy its square. This article provides you with all the practical information to plan your visit to Notre-Dame Cathedral, while waiting for its full reopening.

How much does a visit to Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris cost?

Due to the fire, visits inside Notre-Dame Cathedral are currently suspended.

Access to the square and the exterior of the cathedral is free.

Thematic guided tours of the square and the surroundings of the cathedral are offered by various providers. The prices for these tours vary depending on the duration and content of the visit.

Here are a few examples of prices:

  • Guided tour of the square: between €10 and €15 per person

  • Guided tour of the surroundings of the cathedral: between €15 and €20 per person

  • Thematic guided tour (for example, "the history of Notre-Dame", "the architecture of Notre-Dame"): between €20 and €25 per person

Opening hours

The square of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is accessible 24/7.

Guided tours are offered every day of the week, at varying times.

To find out the schedules of guided tours and reserve your spot, we recommend checking the websites of the providers.

Practical information

  • How to get to Notre-Dame Cathedral?

  • By metro: Cité station (line 4) or Saint-Michel Notre-Dame station (lines 4 and 10)

  • By RER: Saint-Michel Notre-Dame station (RER B)

  • By bus: lines 24, 38, 48, 85, and 91

  • By boat: Batobus stations Notre-Dame or Conciergerie

What to do around Notre-Dame Cathedral?

  • Visit the Île de la Cité: Sainte-Chapelle, Conciergerie, Ile Saint-Louis

  • Stroll along the banks of the Seine

  • Wander around the Latin Quarter

  • Discover the Luxembourg Gardens


  • Wear comfortable shoes: you'll be walking a lot!

  • Bring a hat and sunscreen if the sun is shining

  • Don't forget your camera!

  • Respect the silence and solemnity of the place

Even though visiting the interior of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris is not yet possible, it is still possible to admire this masterpiece of Gothic architecture and enjoy its exceptional surroundings.

We hope this article has provided you with all the practical information to plan your visit.



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