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How to avoid the crowds at the Louvre and make the most of your visit?

The Louvre, Paris' cultural treasure trove, is packed with exceptional works of art, but its fame often attracts large crowds. To make the most of your visit and discover the Louvre's hidden secrets, follow our guide to avoid the crowds and enjoy an immersive experience at the heart of this iconic museum.

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Reserve your Tickets in Advance

Avoid queues by booking your tickets online in advance. This will allow you to get in quickly and maximize your time exploring the treasures of the Louvre.

Choose Strategic Schedules

Plan your visit for less busy times, such as early mornings on weekdays. This will allow you to appreciate the works without being rushed by the crowds.

Explore Lesser-Known Galleries

Most visitors focus on the most famous works. Explore the less-frequented galleries to discover hidden treasures and enjoy art without the usual hustle and bustle.

Use Mobile Applications and Audioguides

The Louvre's mobile apps and audio guides can help you plan your visit and navigate the museum. Some apps offer less-frequented itineraries and detailed information about the works.

Plan Strategic Breaks

Anticipate breaks to avoid rush hour. Take advantage of the museum cafés or rest areas to recharge your batteries before continuing your exploration.

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