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How to Get Around Paris: the Ultimate Condensed Guide

With all of the monuments and historic places that Paris has to offer, you’ll want to have the fastest and most efficient mode of transportation available to ensure that you don’t waste time. The only problem is that there are so many ways to get around the City of Light that it can be hard to choose just one! This is why we compiled a list of pros and cons for every Parisian mode of transport.


Pros: Allows you to experience the city at a leisurely pace, discover hidden gems, and is environmentally friendly.

Cons: Not suitable for long distances or when you're in a hurry.


Pros: Extensive network, fast, and efficient. A great way to navigate the city quickly.

Cons: Can be crowded during peak hours.


Pros: Environmentally friendly, allows flexibility in navigating through traffic, and covers short to medium distances effectively.

Cons: Limited to good weather, and you need to be comfortable cycling in traffic.


Pros: Covers areas not serviced by the metro, and you can enjoy city views.

Cons: Traffic can make it slow during peak hours.

RER (Regional Express Network)

Pros: Fast train service connecting Paris with its suburbs.

Cons: Limited coverage within the city, mostly connecting to the suburbs.


Pros: Convenient, especially if you have luggage or are in a hurry.

Cons: Can be expensive and subject to traffic.

Electric Scooters

Pros: Provides a quick and fun way to cover short distances.

Cons: Availability can be sporadic, and safety concerns have been raised.

Car Rental

Pros: Provides flexibility, especially for exploring areas outside the city.

Cons: Traffic congestion, parking challenges, and not always the most practical within the city center.

Boat on the Seine

Pros: Offers a unique perspective of the city.

Cons: Limited to specific routes along the Seine.

Horse-Drawn Carriage (for tourism purposes)

Pros: Romantic and scenic.

Cons: Expensive and not a practical means of everyday transportation.

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