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Olympic Games 2024: Complete guide to getting your tickets

Excitement is building as the Paris 2024 Olympic Games draw nearer! Millions of people around the world are dreaming of attending this grandiose sporting event and experiencing the unique excitement of the Games. But how do you get tickets for the 2024 Olympics? Don't panic, this comprehensive guide explains everything you need to know to book your tickets and enjoy the Games to the full.

1. 2024 Olympic Games ticketing: operation and key dates

1.1 A 100% digital and secure system

For the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, ticketing is entirely digital. This means that tickets can only be purchased online, on the official Paris 2024 platform ( This platform guarantees a secure and transparent purchasing process for all fans.

1.2 Distinct sales phases

Ticket sales for the 2024 Olympic Games took place in several distinct phases:

  • Lottery phase (December 2023 - January 2024): This phase allowed applicants to register to try to obtain tickets for tailor-made packs including several events.

  • Tailor-made pack sales (early March 2024): Packs not awarded in the lottery went on sale individually.

  • Individual sales (from end of March 2024): In this phase, tickets can be purchased for specific events, subject to remaining availability.

1.3 Important dates to remember

  • May 15, 2024: Launch of the Paris 2024 Tickets app to download and resell tickets.

  • July 26, 2024: Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games.

  • August 4, 2024: Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games.

  • August 28, 2024: Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games.

  • September 8, 2024: Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony.

2. How to buy tickets for the Olympic Games 2024

2.1 Create an account on the Paris 2024 platform

To purchase tickets, you must first create an account on the Paris 2024 platform. This account will enable you to manage your reservations, track your orders and download your tickets.

2.2 Selecting your tests and packs

Once you've created your account, you can browse the platform and select the events that interest you. You can choose individual tickets for specific events, or opt for tailor-made packages that group together several events.

2.3 Confirm your order and proceed to payment

Once you have selected your tickets, validate your order and proceed to payment. Payment is made online by credit card.

2.4 Download your tickets

Once your payment has been validated, you will receive a confirmation email with your electronic tickets. You can also download your tickets to your Paris 2024 account.

3. How much do tickets for the 2024 Olympics cost?

Ticket prices for the 2024 Olympics vary according to several criteria:

Sport and event: More popular sports and final events generally have more expensive tickets.

Seating category: There are different seating categories, from trackside to grandstands. The higher the category, the higher the ticket price.

Sales phase: Prices can also vary according to the sales phase.

For example, ticket prices for athletics events range from €24 to €690.

4. Tips to maximize your chances of getting tickets

4.1 Subscribe to the Paris 2024 newsletter

By subscribing to the Paris 2024 newsletter, you will receive exclusive information on the latest ticket sales and any possible discounts. This will ensure that you don't miss out on any opportunities to buy tickets.

  1. Download the Paris 2024 Tickets application Available from May 15, 2024, the Paris 2024 Tickets app makes it easy to manage your tickets. You can also view tickets resold by other users.

  2. Be flexible with your choices If you can't find tickets for your favorite events, try to be flexible in your choices.

  3. Open yourself up to other sports or disciplines that you didn't necessarily know about. You could discover new passions!

  4. Get together with friends If you want to attend the Games with friends, consider buying tickets together. This can make it easier for you to access tailor-made packages.

  5. Only buy tickets from official websites Beware of unofficial resale sites. The only way to buy tickets safely is via the official Paris 2024 platform or the dedicated app.

5. Make the most of your Olympic 2024 experience

Once you've got your tickets, it's time to get ready for an unforgettable experience! Here are a few tips to help you make the most of it:

  • Download the Paris 2024 app

  • The Paris 2024 app will provide you with all the information you need to plan your visit. You'll find event schedules, venue maps, transport information and much more.

  • Plan your journey Paris is a huge city, and it's important to plan your journeys in advance, especially during the Olympic Games. Find out about the different means of transport available and buy your tickets in advance.

  • Book your accommodation Demand for accommodation will be very high during the Games. Remember to book your hotel, apartment or other type of accommodation as soon as possible.

  • Soak up the atmosphere The Olympic Games are much more than sporting competitions. They are a celebration of sport, culture and friendship between peoples. Make the most of the festive atmosphere in Paris and take part in the events organized in conjunction with the Games.

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By following this comprehensive guide, you have all the keys in hand to get your tickets for the 2024 Olympics and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Don't forget to check the Paris 2024 website ( regularly for the latest ticketing information.

And above all, don't forget to cheer on your favourite athletes and get in the spirit of the Games!



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