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Paris rooftops in movies: The Women of the 6th Floor - 2011

Les femmes du 6ème étage, directed by Philippe Le Guay, tells the story of Jean-Louis Joubert (Fabrice Luchini), a strict stockbroker and uptight family man, who discovers that a merry band of Spanish maids lives on the sixth floor of his bourgeois apartment building.

Maria (Natalia Verbeke), the young woman who works under his roof, introduces him to a world of exuberance and folklore, in stark contrast to the manners and austerity of his milieu. Touched by these lively women, he lets himself go and enjoys simple pleasures for the first time. But can you really change your life at 45?

Did you know?

Philippe Le Guay drew much of his inspiration for the screenplay of Les Femmes du 6e étage from his own childhood. Indeed, his father was a stockbroker, like the character played by Fabrice Luchini in the film, and his parents also had a Spanish maid who took good care of him as a baby.



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