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Reuse of building materials: Toit de Paris commits to sustainable and responsible construction

In the construction industry, the volume of waste generated is considerable, reaching around 40 million tonnes per year, over 90% of which comes from deconstruction and renovation operations. In response to this problem, the European Waste Directive, established in December 2010, sets an ambitious target: that 70% of construction and demolition waste be recycled by 2020. In view of this requirement, the reuse of construction and demolition materials is emerging as a crucial solution for reducing the amount of waste on building sites and mitigating the sector's ecological footprint.

réemploi matériaux construction signalétique

Toit de Paris, a company committed to recycling

Specializing in the reuse of building materials, Toit de Paris offers an innovative, environmentally-friendly solution for recycling end-of-life roofs. Using a circular economy approach, the company transforms these materials into unique, durable building components, giving them a second life.

The benefits of reusing building materials

Reusing building materials offers numerous environmental, economic and social benefits:

  • Reduced environmental impact: By reusing existing materials, we considerably reduce the consumption of natural resources and the production of waste associated with the extraction and processing of new materials.

  • Preservation of natural resources: Reuse limits the exploitation of natural resources that are often exhaustible, thus helping to preserve the environment and combat climate change.

  • Enhancing architectural heritage: Reusing materials from old buildings preserves the architectural memory and identity of a site, while adding a touch of originality and character to new constructions.

  • Local economic development: Reuse encourages the creation of local jobs in the collection, sorting, processing and reuse of materials.

  • Unique, sustainable buildings: Reused materials add a unique aesthetic to buildings, making them more robust and durable.

Toit de Paris: unique expertise in reusing building materials

The Toit de Paris team is fully versed in the removal, sorting and processing of building materials. Thanks to its cutting-edge expertise and unfailing commitment, the company guarantees products of impeccable quality, meeting the most stringent performance and safety requirements.

Toit de Paris: a marketplace dedicated to the reuse of building materials

To facilitate access to reused materials and encourage their widespread adoption, Toit de Paris has set up an online marketplace. This platform enables building professionals and private individuals to easily find the materials they need, according to their search criteria and location.

Toit de Paris: committed to sustainable construction

In addition to reusing building materials, Toit de Paris is actively involved in promoting more sustainable and responsible construction. The company takes part in conferences, workshops and training courses to raise awareness of environmental issues and existing alternative solutions.

Toit de Paris: building tomorrow's world

By adopting a circular economy approach and recycling existing building materials, Toit de Paris is helping to build a more sustainable and responsible future. The company invites all those who share its values to join it in this collective adventure to build tomorrow's world with greater respect for the environment and natural resources.



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