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The rooftops of Paris in films: An American in Paris - 1951

An American in Paris is an American musical comedy directed by Vincente Minnelli, and composed by George Gershwin, released in 1951.

In Paris, a wealthy heiress falls in love with Jerry Mulligan (Gene Kelly), a young American painter. But he falls in love with Lise (Leslie Caron), who is herself promised to another man, Henri.

The film is universally famous for its final scene: Jerry thinks he'll never be able to be with Lise, and has a fantastic dream: the film's apotheosis. He dreams that he is dancing with Lise all over the streets of Paris. They are joined by the girl's fiancé and an entire chorus in a masterful ballet that lasts almost eighteen minutes. The music for the ballet (named after the film) is by George Gershwin. In the final bars, Henri agrees to give up Lise, who rushes into Jerry's arms with Henri's blessing. The film ends.



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