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They are the ones who speak about it the best

The Point: "An original gift idea"

El Pais: "A real piece of Paris"

La Stampa: "Unique souvenirs from Paris"


When it comes to describing the experience offered by Toit de Paris, it's our customers who speak best. Their reviews are much more than mere testimonials; they are an authentic reflection of the satisfaction and emotion that our creations evoke. Each comment, each review, is a precious acknowledgment of our commitment to quality, sustainability, and environmental preservation.

In the Media:

Furthermore, we've been fortunate to receive substantial media coverage, which is essential for sharing our story and vision with a broader audience. The media allows us to introduce our eco-responsible approach, our dedication to the history of Parisian rooftops, and our collaboration with local artisans. Through this visibility, we hope to raise awareness among more people about the preservation of our architectural and environmental heritage while offering them the opportunity to own a unique piece of Paris. In the end, it is our customers' reviews and the media coverage that contribute to strengthening our commitment to quality and make Toit de Paris a true celebration of the City of Light.



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