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What if our roofs had a second life?

Imagine if roofs, instead of simply being protective surfaces, became active elements contributing to the environment.

Reusing roofs to create signage for future buildings.

Toit de Paris: Transforming heritage with the art of reuse

Toit de Paris stands out as a revolutionary innovation studio, dedicated to enhancing heritage through the ingenious reuse of industrial waste. Our main mission? To give new life to zinc, slate, tile or copper roofs, transforming them into unique, sustainable signage for rehabilitated buildings.

Exceptional expertise for your projects:

As design offices and architects, we are at your side to bring your renovation projects to fruition, whether in Paris or in any other region of France. Our unwavering commitment:

  • Unrivalled expertise in the reuse of building materials.

  • A creative and innovative approach to enhancing architectural heritage.

  • A resolutely sustainable approach as part of a circular economy.

Toit de Paris: More than just a company

When you choose Toit de Paris, you're doing much more than simply entrusting a project to a company. You actively contribute to :

  • Protecting the environment by reducing waste production.

  • Encouraging the circular economy by giving materials a second life.

  • Enhancing our heritage by giving it a new identity.

Toit de Paris: Together, let's build a sustainable, aesthetic future!

Contact us to find out more:

By rethinking the use of our roofs, we can :

  • Reduce our environmental impact by cutting energy consumption and promoting biodiversity.

  • Improve our living environment by creating green spaces and combating pollution.

  • Enhance our architectural heritage by giving it a new dimension.

So what are we waiting for to give our roofs a second life?

Toit de Paris is here to support you in this process and offer solutions tailored to your needs and desires.



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