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What is a CSE contract?

The Comité Social et Économique (CSE) market is a key event for strengthening ties within your company, while offering your employees a memorable experience. But what can you offer your colleagues to make this event as exciting as possible? In this article, we'll share some great ideas for a successful CSE market.

marché CSE

Offering a variety of Products and Services

  • Local and Artisanal Produits : Showcase local and artisanal products to support local businesses, while offering your employees unique, quality products.

  • Ecological products : Offer eco-friendly products such as recycled items, biodegradable products and sustainable alternatives to encourage greener lifestyles.

  • Wellness Services : Offer wellness services such as massage sessions, nutrition consultations, yoga classes or stress management workshops to help your employees relax and recharge.

Organizing Recreational and Interactive Activities

  • Games and competition : Organize fun games and competitions to keep your staff entertained, such as quizzes, speed challenges or team board games.

  • Creative ateliers :  Offer creative workshops such as painting, pottery or jewelry-making to encourage artistic expression and creativity.

  • Musical shows : Hire local musicians or organize karaoke sessions to add a festive, dynamic atmosphere to your event.

Special Offers and Benefits

  • Exclusive Discounts : Negotiate special discounts with participating merchants to offer your employees advantageous prices on a variety of products and services.

  • Benefits and Privileges : Offer special benefits such as gift cards, discount vouchers or sponsorship offers to reward employee loyalty.

  • Enterprise partnerships : Establish partnerships with other companies to offer your employees exclusive opportunities such as travel offers, subscriptions to online services or professional training offers.

Upstream Communication and Promotion

  • Communication Campaign : Use your internal communication channels to promote the event and generate excitement among your staff.

  • Billboards and Flyers : Use posters and flyers to inform your employees about the activities, special offers and benefits available at the CSE market.

  • Social networks : Use social networks to share announcements, photos and testimonials to encourage participation and generate engagement around your event.

How about exhibiting Toit de Paris at your CSE markets? Toit de Paris offers creations steeped in history, made in France and handcrafted. We work with roofers to recycle old Parisian roofs for renovation. The result is authentic objects that have lived on Parisian roofs for over fifty years. Your employees can also choose to personalize their objects with initials or a first name.

idée cadeau marché CSE

In short, by offering local, eco-friendly products and wellness services at the CSE market, you're supporting local businesses, encouraging sustainable lifestyles and improving the well-being of your employees.



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