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What is the official song of the Olympics?

The official song of the Olympics: an anthem to the Olympic spirit.

The Olympic Games are an opportunity to celebrate sports, excellence, and unity among nations. Beyond the sporting competitions, this global-scale event is also a platform for spreading messages of hope, peace, and solidarity. Music plays a central role in this mission, and the official Olympic song is an iconic symbol of it.

The history of the official Olympic Games song.

The tradition of an official song for the Olympic Games began in 1968 in Grenoble. Since then, each edition of the Games has had its own anthem, reflecting the spirit and context of the event. These songs have become unforgettable melodies, associated with significant moments in Olympic history.

Some examples of famous Olympic songs.

  • "Olympic Fanfare and Theme" (1968): This song composed by Herbert de Clercq became the official anthem of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). "Chantons, célébrons" (1976): Composed by Pierre Bachelet and Michel Fugain, this song marked the Montreal Olympic Games. "Barcelona" (1992): Performed by Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé, this song is one of the most famous Olympic anthems of all time. "The Power of the Dream" (2004): This song composed by Vangelis was chosen for the Athens Olympic Games. "Move on Up" (2016): Composed by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars, this song set the tone for the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

The role of the official Olympic Games song

The official Olympic Games song plays several important roles:

  • It sets the tone for the event and helps create a festive and welcoming atmosphere.

  • It unites athletes and spectators around a common anthem.

  • It spreads messages of hope, peace, and solidarity in line with Olympic values.

  • It leaves an unforgettable memory of the Olympic Games.

The official Olympic Games song is an essential element of the Olympic experience. It transcends languages and cultures, contributing to making the Olympic Games a unique and unforgettable event.



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