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What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day

Yearly, every second Sunday of May, a single question becomes a hurdle for most people: "What to gift on Mother's Day?". However, despite the fact that the answer to this query often appears to be complex, moms around the globe are unanimously looking for something largely uncomplicated. That is, something personal symbolizing the love you share.

Thankfully for you, this year we found the object incarnation of their wish! Cue: it is not flowers, and it is not chocolate.

It is an authentic decorative object, originating from half-a-century-old Parisian roofs. Dating back to the Haussmanian era of the 19th-century city landscape, the original pieces sold by Toit de Paris are representations of the rich history and architecture of the city. Recycled and handcrafted, the products are also in line with global sustainability efforts.

The best part? You can personalize it by indicating initials, or messages you want to be carved on the item of your choice. This detail helps make the product an eternal reminder of your relationship with her as well.

Visit Toit de Paris today to order the most unique Mother's Day gift, today. Looking for either something as simple as a key ring, or as elegant as a decorative home element, Toit de Paris offers a plethora of products that suit this special day!



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