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Why give your customers an eco-responsible gift ?

In a context where awareness of ecology and sustainability is growing, companies are seeking to integrate these values into all aspects of their activities, including their relationships with their customers. Offering an eco-responsible gift to your customers is much more than a simple commercial gesture. It's a tangible demonstration of the company's commitment to the environment, and an opportunity to strengthen customer relations. In this article, we explore the reasons why offering an eco-responsible gift to your customers is beneficial for both your company and the environment.

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Reinforcing the green brand image

By offering eco-responsible gifts, companies reinforce their brand image as responsible players who care about the environment. This shows customers that the company is taking concrete steps to reduce its ecological footprint and contribute to preserving the planet.

Creating an emotional bond with customers

Eco-responsible gifts reflect a focus on environmental values shared with customers. They create a stronger emotional bond by showing that the company cares not only about its customers, but also about the impact of its actions on the planet.

Contributing to sustainable consumption

By opting for eco-responsible gifts, companies encourage their customers to adopt a more responsible mode of consumption. This encourages them to reflect on their own consumption choices and opt for environmentally-friendly products in their daily lives.

Promoting customer loyalty

By offering eco-responsible gifts, companies strengthen the relationship of trust with their customers, which can foster long-term loyalty. Customers are more likely to remain loyal to a company that shares their environmental values.

Gift idea

To surprise your customers and colleagues while respecting the environment,  Toit de Paris offers customizable key rings made from real pieces of Parisian roofing.

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Offering an eco-responsible gift to your customers is much more than a simple commercial gesture. It's a way of demonstrating your commitment to the environment, strengthening your relationship with your customers and contributing to a more sustainable way of consuming. And for a gift that's as original as it is eco-responsible, think Toit de Paris.



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