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EMPREINTE: Your Paris Map, a Grasp on History

In Paris, every street corner is steeped in history, every building tells a unique story, and each district has its own charm. For lovers of the City of Light, it's nearly impossible not to fall under the spell of its exceptional architectural treasures, art, and culture.


It's in this spirit that we've created EMPREINTE, an exceptional decorative object that allows you to possess an authentic piece of Paris, neighborhood by neighborhood. The essence of this extraordinary city is captured in every fragment of recycled zinc that we've carefully transformed into a unique work of art.


An Original Gift, a Piece of Paris by District

Each EMPREINTE is an artistic representation of the map of the Paris it symbolizes, a true piece of Parisian history that you can give or keep for yourself. By holding a piece of Parisian roof that is over half a century old, you possess a precious link to the city's soul.


A Piece of Parisian History

Each EMPREINTE is the result of meticulous transformation of a piece of Parisian zinc roof, recycled and handcrafted. All our creations are Made in France, with special attention to every detail. Each fragment is unique, reflecting its exposure, ventilation, and zinc quality, leaving subtle marks that tell its story.


Did You Know?

In the mid-19th century, Haussmann initiated major construction works in Paris and decided to use zinc for its rooftops. Today, 70% of Parisian rooftops are made of zinc.


A Mother-Daughter Duo Behind the Idea

Behind each EMPREINTE is a mother-daughter duo passionate about art, history, and the beauty of Paris. Their personal commitment adds a warm and authentic touch to each piece, creating an emotional connection.


Original Creation, Timeless and Elegant Design

Each EMPREINTE is imbued with the timeless charm of Paris. We have screen-printed a map where each inner Paris district is represented. Not to mention the geographical coordinates of the original roof fragment, to help you discover its origin. Finally, the folding is an illumination of the Parisian skyline, paying homage to the traditional technique of "la couverture à tasseau" unique to Parisian rooftops. It's more than a decorative object; it's a work of art, a true imprint of the city.


Eco-Friendly and Artisanal

Our approach is resolutely eco-friendly, embodying our commitment to the environment by recycling Parisian rooftops to create these unique objects while preserving the city's authenticity.


Customization with Laser Engraving:

To make your EMPREINTE even more special, we offer you the possibility of personalizing your creation. You can add initials, a short message, or even a location point at the address of your choice in the district that matters to you.

Let your creativity run wild to make your EMPREINTE truly unique.



A unique map of the city of Paris with its stand, a fascinating story, an elegant and timeless design, and a deep emotional connection with the City of Light, all brought together in an exceptional creation. It's more than a decorative object; it's a piece of history that you can cherish for generations to come.


For Whom?

Toit de Paris creations are for all lovers of the City of Light, whether they are passionate visitors or dedicated residents. They captivate those in search of original and authentic gifts, as well as enthusiasts of history, architecture, and timeless design. For customers looking for an eco-responsible touch and a deep emotional connection with Paris, Toit de Paris creations perfectly embody the essence of the French capital. Give or treat yourself to a piece of Paris that has lived and cherish it for generations to come.


For What Occasions?

Toit de Paris creations are exceptional gifts suitable for various occasions. Whether it's a birthday, a wedding, a travel memento, year-end celebrations, or simply to delight a loved one, objects created from pieces of Parisian rooftops are perfect choices. They add an authentic touch to different occasions, symbolizing love for Paris and its rich history. Give or receive these creations to celebrate a special moment or simply to express your affection. To surprise or move a loved one through personalization.

All our creations, made in France, handcrafted, and originating from recycling, are an ideal option for your gifts to clients and collaborators. They are perfect for customization with your company's logo, making them the perfect corporate gift.


  • 21cm/14cm before folding

    19,8cm/14cm after folding

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