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The Toit de Paris Keychain is more than just an accessory; it embodies the essence of Paris.


1. An Original Gift, a Piece of Paris

It's an original gift, an authentic piece of the City of Light that you can give or keep for yourself. Each keychain is a genuine fragment of recycled Parisian roof, offering a tangible connection to the city's history


2. A Piece of Parisian History

Each of these keychains has a unique story, aging individually over more than half a century on the rooftops of Paris. Variations in color, texture, and the marks of time give each piece its distinctive character.


Did you know?

In the 19th century, under Haussmann's influence, Parisian rooftops were revolutionized with the introduction of zinc, becoming an iconic feature of the City of Light. Today, more than 70% of Parisian rooftops are made of zinc, bearing the marks of Paris's history and modernization.


3. Made in France, Eco-Friendly, and Artisanal

The production of each keychain is entirely French, emphasizing the importance of quality and artisanal craftsmanship. Toit de Paris is committed to eco-friendly practices by recycling Parisian rooftops to create these unique objects.


4. Original Creation, Timeless and Elegant Design

The design of each keychain is infused with Parisian elegance and timeless design. They are crafted with golden proportions based on the golden ratio, offering a harmony that will surely please.

We have chosen to screen-print a typically Parisian drawing: the Eiffel Tower overlooking the rooftops of the capital.


5. A Mother-Daughter Duo Behind the Idea

Behind each creation is a mother-daughter duo passionate about art, history, and the beauty of Paris. Their personal commitment adds a warm and authentic touch to each piece, creating a unique emotional connection.


6. A Versatile Accessory and Good Luck Charm

The Toit de Paris Keychain is more than just a keychain. It can be attached to your keys, your wallet, your handbag, your backpack, or anything else you carry every day. It is designed to accompany you everywhere, adding a touch of Parisian charm to your life.


7. Customization Available

To make this gift even more special, it is possible to personalize it with your choice of initials or a short message.


In the end, the Toit de Paris Keychain evokes the magic of the City of Light and allows you to keep a piece of its timeless charm close at hand, whether you are a passionate visitor or a devoted resident. It is a tribute to the beauty, culture, and history that make Paris a truly captivating city. Giving or owning one of these keychains means having a piece of Paris with you, a symbol of love for this extraordinary city.


Who Are Toit de Paris Creations for?

Toit de Paris creations appeal to a diverse audience, bringing together Paris lovers, whether they are visiting the City of Light for a few days or living there. They attract people in search of unique, authentic, and original gifts. They are for history, architecture, and design enthusiasts. For those who value eco-responsibility and want to establish a deep emotional connection with Paris, Toit de Paris creations perfectly reflect the essence of the French capital. Give or keep a piece of Paris steeped in history and cherish it for generations to come.


For What Occasions Can You Give or Get Toit de Paris?

Toit de Paris creations can be given for Christmas to all Paris enthusiasts, for year-end gifts, for a birthday, as a Paris souvenir for a friend who is touring, or as a wedding gift. It can bring joy on Father's Day to an architect dad and on for Mother's Day to a designer mom, or any parent passionate about the history of Paris. It can be given to an environmentally conscious friend, as a durable gift made in France. It can be a gift idea for a family member, an aunt, a cousin who loves artisanal creations. Finally, it's an original gift for someone in your circle who appreciates Parisian architecture, an authentic gift for a roofer friend, or for people who love recycled items – it's an unusual gift.


Also, consider events like "Secret Santa" or "Canadian Christmas." These creations are the ideal choice to pleasantly surprise your colleague with a unique and meaningful find. Ultimately, they represent an unusual gift capable of surprising and moving your loved ones, especially since it can be personalized. All of our creations, made in France with an artisanal and recycled approach, are available to be given as gifts to your clients and collaborators. They make for the perfect corporate gift, which can be customized with your company's logo.

Toit de Paris Keychain

  • 6.5CM/4CM


    The proportions of the product have been drawn according to the golden ratio.

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