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5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Emily in Paris Fans

In October 2020, the first season of Netflix’s Emily in Paris was released on the streaming platform. Soon after, Emily and her friends’ adventures in the City of Light captured audience’s hearts worldwide. Featuring Lily Collins as the titular character, Ashley Park as her BFF, Lucas Bravo as her attractive neighbor, and Camille Razat as his girlfriend, the talented cast took over televisions everywhere. Fans are now awaiting the heavily anticipated season 4 release date.

If you have an Emily in Paris fan in your life, consider giving them one of these Parisian-inspired gifts for Christmas this year.

1. The Toit de Paris Keychain: A Real Piece of Paris

We all remember the iconic moment in season one when Emily gave an impassioned speech to Pierre Cadault at the Opera Garnier after he was offended by her bag charm. Now, you can give your Emily in Paris fan their very own! (Although it’s more recycled than ringarde) Made of repurposed zinc from discarded Parisian roofs, these keychains are eco-friendly and entirely made in France. They can carry a piece of the City of Light with them wherever they go with this chic accessory.

2. A Beret

The beret gained prominence in France during the 19th century as part of military uniforms. It became an iconic symbol, especially during World War II, worn by French resistance fighters. 

In "Emily in Paris," the beret takes on a modern and chic role, serving as a fashionable accessory that reflects Emily's attempt to embrace French style. The show highlights the beret as a symbol of Parisian elegance and an essential piece in Emily's wardrobe as she navigates the city's fashion scene. 

3. A Mariniere Shirt

The marinière shirt, originally known as the Breton shirt, has a rich history tied to maritime culture in France. Its distinctive design, featuring horizontal navy and white stripes, was first introduced in the mid-19th century as the official uniform for the French Navy. The 21 stripes on the shirt were said to represent Napoleon's victories.

In "Emily in Paris," the marinière shirt is often featured in Emily's wardrobe, becoming a fashionable expression of her attempt to embrace Parisian sensibilities. The show captures the shirt's enduring appeal as a symbol of both French maritime heritage and contemporary elegance, seamlessly blending tradition and style in the world of fashion.

4. A French-Themed Food Basket

French cuisine, celebrated for its exquisite flavors and culinary artistry, plays a significant role in cultural representations like "Emily in Paris." The show showcases the richness of French gastronomy through scenes featuring iconic dishes, from buttery croissants to decadent pastries, robust cheeses, and fine wines. French cuisine becomes a central element in the narrative, reflecting the country's commitment to culinary excellence and its reputation as a global culinary hub. In "Emily in Paris," the exploration of French culinary delights serves as a sensory journey, highlighting the integral role that food plays in the cultural identity and daily life of the French people.

5. FOCUS - A Map of a Parisian District

Give your Emily in Paris fan a real piece of Paris and a classy way to show their love for the TV series with FOCUS — a map of a Parisian district screen printed on a real piece of zinc roofing tile recovered from the French capital. You can give them one depicting the 5th district (also known as the Latin Quarter), where Emily’s apartment and Gabriel’s restaurant are located, or choose any of the other 19 districts available.



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