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Bronze shavings for inclusion: When reuse enhances sustainable architecture

Bronze, a noble and durable material, finds a new life in architecture.

The idea of reusing bronze shavings for the façade of a building was born from the creative mind of architect Philippe Fichet. This innovative design is a perfect illustration of how reuse can enhance architecture and contribute to sustainable development.

The François Mitterrand multimedia library: a concrete example of the aesthetics of reuse

The François Mitterrand multimedia library in Tours is a true example of the benefits of reusing materials in the building industry. The building's façade sparkles thanks to the bronze shavings that have been skillfully integrated into its structure.

A rare poetry and elegance, a refinement that leads the way:

This project demonstrates that it is possible to create architecture that is both beautiful and sustainable using recycled materials. The bronze shavings, far from being mere waste, are transformed into decorative elements that lend the Cinémathèque a rare elegance.

Toit de Paris: Giving roofs a second life

Inspired by the work of Philippe Fichet, we at Toit de Paris specialize in reusing building materials to enhance the architectural heritage of our cities. Our mission: to breathe new life into roofs, giving them a new identity through the circular economy.

Bronze, an ally for a radiant architectural future:

The use of bronze shavings on the façade of the Médiathèque François Mitterrand is a striking example of the power of reuse in sustainable architecture. By giving a second life to existing materials, we reduce the environmental impact of construction and preserve natural resources, while creating unique, aesthetically pleasing buildings.

Far from being a simple ecological solution, reuse opens the way to a more poetic and refined architecture. Bronze, a material steeped in history, is transformed into a decorative element that lends buildings a singular elegance.

The future of architecture is resolutely sustainable. At Toit de Paris, we are convinced that reuse is an essential key to a more environmentally-friendly future. Inspired by innovative projects such as the Médiathèque François Mittérand, we are committed to giving your roofs a second life and enhancing the architectural heritage of our cities.



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