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Embracing the Elegance of Zinc: A Tribute to Parisian Rooftops

With nearly 22 million square meters of zinc covering the rooftops, Paris stands as a city adorned with this iconic material. A staggering 78% of the Parisian rooftops (approximately 21.4 million m²) are composed of zinc, as revealed by the study conducted by Apur - Atelier parisien d'urbanisme on 32.2 million roofs. This prevalence of zinc rooftops is what inspired Toit de Paris to choose this material for the creation of its unique pieces.

Discover our concept of durable and eco-friendly mementos, proudly made in France and crafted with artisanal expertise - a true part of the architectural heritage of the City of Lights.

Zinc - The Architectural Signature of Paris

The extensive use of zinc on Parisian rooftops dates back to the mid-19th century when Napoleon III entrusted Baron Haussmann with the transformation of the capital. This marked the era of Haussmannian buildings, with zinc rooftops rapidly multiplying to expand living spaces. Today, over 70% of Parisian rooftops are covered in zinc, creating a silver sea that adds to the timeless charm of Paris.

Toit de Paris - Embodying the Essence of the City

At Toit de Paris, we pay tribute to this iconic architectural signature by creating unique objects from genuine pieces of Parisian rooftops. Each creation is thoughtfully designed to capture the very essence of the City of Lights and its rich history. Our durable zinc mementos become witnesses to the architectural heritage of Paris, reflecting the city's soul in every piece.

An Eco-Friendly and Artisanal Concept

With a deep commitment to the environment, our creations are conceived with eco-responsibility in mind. Using recycled zinc and favoring artisanal craftsmanship in France, we preserve the beauty of Paris while contributing to environmental conservation. Each object is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and a passion for creativity.

Discover Our Timeless Collection

The Toit de Paris collection features unique objects that transcend time, reflecting the splendor of Parisian zinc rooftops. Whether it's to gift an original piece loaded with history or to add a touch of Parisian elegance to your home, each creation is a true work of art.

Toit de Paris celebrates the timeless elegance of zinc rooftops in the City of Lights. With nearly 22 million square meters of zinc, Paris weaves a unique and enchanting architectural tale. At Toit de Paris, we preserve this heritage by creating durable mementos, made in France with passion and respect for the environment. Discover our collection and bring a piece of Parisian history to your home at

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