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Gift Ideas for the Illustrator in Your Life

Illustrators have an inner sense of aesthetic and creativity, which makes them special people to spoil with unique and inspiring gifts. Whether for a birthday, a special occasion, or simply to show them that you appreciate them, choosing the perfect gift can be a real challenge.

We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for you that will delight any illustrator, no matter if they work in graphics, industrial, textiles, or any other domain. Whether you are looking for a gift for an amateur who is passionate about design or for a seasoned professional, here you can find some creative gift ideas that will bring them joy.

A High-Quality Sketchbook:

A sketchbook is an indispensable tool for a designer. Opt for a high quality one with paper suited to pencils, markers, and watercolors. This will allow them to jot down their creative ideas, sketch their inspirations, and to keep a record of their design process.

A Design that Explores Paris:

Discover the inspiring universe of Toit de Paris, an innovative studio that transforms the Parisian rooftops into real, urban works of art. Their audacious concept consists of highlighting the unique architecture of the city while recycling its iconic roofs to create wholly original pieces. Each item is unique, because it comes from a real piece of Paris that has survived more than 50 years and wears the marks of that time. A map of the city is meticulously screen printed on these creations to signify their origin. To learn more about our artistic approach, click here.

A Subscription to a Design Platform:

Give them a subscription to an online design platform that will allow them access to a vast library of resources, models, and graphic elements. This will help them to explore new ideas and save time during their concepting work.

A Book About Design:

Illustrators love to collect knowledge and new inspiration. Give them a book about design that highlights the great designers, artistic movements, or design trends. A book about art or graphic design could also be a source of inspiration for their work.

Digital Design Tools:

If your illustrator works on a design tablet or on a computer, give them some digital design tools like a high quality stylus or a tablet with advanced functionalities. These tools will help them increase their productivity and to create even more impressive works.

Decorative Design Objects:

Illustrators have an eye for decorative objects. Opt for design objects like an original lamp, a trendy vase, or graphic cushions. These objects will bring a touch of elegance and creativity to their space.

A Workshop or Masterclass in Design: 

For a really enriching experience, give them the option to participate in a design workshop or masterclass. This will allow them to excel in their chosen field and to learn new skills.

Choosing the perfect gift for an illustrator requires reflection and creativity, but it’s the perfect chance to show this special person how much you appreciate their talent and passion for design. Opt for gifts that stimulate their creativity, improve their working process, and reflect their love for design. Whether you give them digital design tools, inspiring books, or decorative design objects, the attention that you give to their specific interests will not fail to bring them joy and to reinforce your bond with this illustrator.



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