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How can I get around easily during the Olympic Games in Paris?

The Olympic Games in Paris are a global event awaited by thousands of spectators and athletes. To make the most of this event and explore the City of Light without hassle, it's essential to know the best ways to get around. In this article, we present the most practical transport options for navigating efficiently during the Paris Olympics.

getting around Paris during the Olympic Games

1. Metro and RER

Paris' metro and RER network is renowned for its reliability and extensive coverage of the city and its surrounding areas. During the Olympic Games, these public transport systems remain one of the most convenient ways to get around. With well-spaced stations, you can easily access Olympic sites and tourist attractions while avoiding traffic jams.

2. Electric bikes and scooters

Paris is an increasingly eco-friendly city. Hiring an electric bike or scooter can be an excellent option for getting around the city quickly during the Olympics. Numerous rental stations are scattered throughout the city, offering greater flexibility for exploring the Olympic venues and enjoying the beauty of Paris.

3. Special Olympic shuttles

During the Olympic Games, special shuttles are often put in place to make it easier for spectators and athletes to travel between the various venues. These shuttles offer a convenient and organised way to get around without worrying about navigating the city.

4. Walking

Although Paris is a relatively large city, many Olympic venues and tourist attractions are located close together. Getting around on foot can therefore be an attractive option for those who prefer to explore the city at their own pace while enjoying its unique charm.

5. Car-sharing services

Car-sharing services such as Uber and Bolt are also widely available in Paris and can be a convenient option for getting from place to place quickly during the Olympics, especially if you are travelling in a group or need flexibility in your schedule.

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a memorable souvenir of paris

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