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How is the restoration work on Notre-Dame progressing?

Historic Restoration: The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris Regains Its Splendor

The Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, an iconic symbol of French history and architecture, reached a major milestone in its restoration on January 12th. Five years after the devastating fire, the carpenters successfully completed the installation of the framework, restoring the cathedral's former appearance. This article explores this historic moment, highlighting the exceptional efforts made to restore this architectural marvel that is over eight centuries old.

Notre-Dame's spire is adorned with its lead mantle:

After the framework, it's the roofers' turn!

The team of craftsmen is busy covering the spire with its fine protective layer of lead, a meticulous and ancient task.

Shaping in the workshop: precision and efficiency

The lead is shaped in the workshop, ensuring optimal conditions and precise results. This rare skill is acquired after long practice.

Notre-Dame's spire, prepared for centuries to come

Thanks to this masterful work, the spire regains its former splendor and legendary durability.

crédits : Rebatir Notre Dame

The Resurrection of the Framework:

The workers have labored with extraordinary precision to replicate the cathedral's original framework, crafted over 800 years ago. The placement of the final choir rafter marked the culmination of this process, immortalized by an emotional family photo of the carpenters. Their commitment to recreating every detail using traditional methods, with axes specially designed for carving oak, added a historical dimension to this restoration.

The Symbolism of the Last Peg:

January 12th was a day of celebration with the placement of the final peg, accompanied by warm applause from the craftsmen. The symbolic gesture of the youngest apprentice carpenter placing a bouquet on the apse's king post marked the end of the framework work. Philippe Jost, president of the public establishment Rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris, firmly reminds us that "We have less than 11 months left. (...) We don't rest on our laurels."

The Reopening Date:

The cathedral, following this exceptional restoration, will reopen its doors to the public and the faithful on December 8th. This highly anticipated event promises to bring together lovers of history, architecture, and culture, attracting visitors from around the world.

The restoration of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris represents a historic milestone in the preservation of global cultural heritage. This article has highlighted the key moments of this restoration, from the meticulous work of the carpenters to the symbolism of the final peg. The imminent reopening of the cathedral heralds a new era, where history and modernity converge, inviting the world to rediscover the timeless splendor of this architectural gem.

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