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Levitating aluminum shavings: sustainable architecture sublimated by reuse

This innovative project illustrates how the reuse of materials can enhance architecture and protect the environment. Discover the potential of reuse and its innovative applications.

Aluminium, a noble and durable material who's found a new life in architecture

The idea of reusing aluminum shavings for the façade of a building was born from the creative mind of architect Philippe Fichet. This innovative design is a perfect illustration of how reuse can enhance architecture and contribute to sustainable development.

The Jean d'Ormesson film library: a concrete example of the aesthetics of reuse

The Jean d'Ormesson cinémathèque in La Ferté Saint-Bernard is a prime example of the benefits of reusing materials in the building industry. The building's façade sparkles thanks to the aluminum shavings that have been skilfully integrated into its structure.

A rare poetry and elegance, a refinement that leads the way

This project demonstrates that it is possible to create architecture that is both beautiful and sustainable using recycled materials. Far from being mere waste, aluminum shavings are transformed into decorative elements that lend the Cinémathèque a rare elegance.

A source of inspiration for Toit de Paris

These aluminum shavings served as a source of inspiration for Toit de Paris' first prototype drawings. Our company, which specializes in the reuse of building materials, is fully in line with Philippe Fichet's approach.

Our mission: to give a second life to roofs:

At Toit de Paris, our mission is to give a second life to the roofs of our cities by renovating them using the circular economy. We prioritize the reuse of existing materials, thus considerably reducing the environmental impact of renovation projects.



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