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Rooftops of Paris in the movies: La Haine - 1995

La Haine is a French noir drama film written and directed by Mathieu Kassovitz, released in 1995.

"But it's not the fall that's important. It's the landing. It's about a man who falls from a 50-story building. As he falls, the man keeps repeating to himself to reassure himself: So far, so good. Director Mathieu Kassovitz began writing the script on April 6, 1993, inspired by the Makomé M'Bowolé case.

After a police blunder, a night of rioting broke out between the youth of the Muguets housing estate and the police. Among these young people blinded by hatred, 3 friends experience the most important day of their lives. Today, there are only 3 of them left... They are 4 with the chrome Smith & Wesson 44 that one of the policemen misplaced during the riots.

The film was first shown at the 1995 Cannes Film Festival, where it won the prize for Cinematography, and was released on May 31, selling two million tickets in France. It was then released in several countries in subtitled versions. Nominated for eleven César awards in 1996, La Haine won three, including the César for Best Film.



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