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The roofs of Paris in French Films : Fantômas - 1964

Fantomas is a 1964 film directed by André Hunebelle and starring Jean Marais, Louis de Funès and Mylène Demongeot.

It tells the story of a mysterious character who commits robberies and crimes in the capital under the name of Fantomas.Commissaire Juve and journalist Fandor investigate the case.

The first in a series

Following the film's success, André Hunebelle shot other Fantomas adventures, with the same actors in the lead roles: Fantômas se déchaîne (1965) and Fantômas contre Scotland Yard.

Fantômas on screen

Before André Hunebelle, several directors had brought Marcel Allain's work to the screen, including Louis Feuillade in 1913, Paul Fejos in 1932, and Robert Vernay in 1948.

A box-office success

With 4.5 million spectators in theaters, Fantomas was one of the year's great successes, along with L'Homme de Rio, Merlin l'enchanteur and, above all, Le gendarme de Saint-Tropez, which finally launched Louis De Funès.



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