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A mother-daughter duo: inheriting a love for beauty

Do you know that Toit de Paris is a young family-owned business? Indeed, it's a mother-daughter duo with a passion for architecture and design.

A Mother-Daughter Duo:

The mother-daughter duo at the helm of Toit de Paris embodies a fascinating story of legacy and creativity. When Constance Fichet-Schulz, the company's founder, was young, her parents brought her a piece of the Berlin Wall, a symbol of contemporary history. Years later, this experience inspired her to share a similar idea through Toit de Paris.

That's when her mother, Béatrice Fichet, a graphic designer with over 30 years of experience, became an essential part of the project. Constance entrusted her mother with the responsibility of creating the visual identity of Toit de Paris, blending the experience and craftsmanship of one generation with the bold and contemporary vision of the next.

Beyond being a simple mother-daughter duo, their collaboration represents a unique intergenerational dialogue. It marries Béatrice's rich experience and professionalism with Constance's creativity and audacity to create unique, poetic, and sustainable objects. This partnership embodies not only a passion for art and craftsmanship but also reflects the continuity of family history and the desire to convey precious values through Toit de Paris creations.

A Committed and Complementary Team:

Toit de Paris is driven by a dedicated and complementary team, bringing together diverse talents to bring our vision to life. Constance FICHET-SCHULZ, the company's founder, is supported by Béatrice FICHET, a renowned graphic designer.

Fabien PAQUET and Rémi RICCOBINI each contribute their invaluable expertise to the team. As the President of Boscher and the President of Riccoboni, they bring extensive experience in the roofing industry, ensuring a comprehensive and expert approach to our creations. They are partners with the label "Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant" (EPV), further enhancing our commitment to quality. This committed team works in harmony to offer our clients unique pieces of Paris's soul.

création toit de paris

A Toit de Paris Collection: Toit de Paris offers four formats:

The keychain, for always having a piece of Paris in the palm of your hands.

We have also designed three formats of interior decorative objects. There are currently two models available, one featuring the Eiffel Tower and the other Notre Dame, both customizable with initials, a message, or a logo.

First, there's Fragment, the most minimalist in its design, intended for those who appreciate the material's purity, with visible signs of aging on the object. Inside the packaging, there's a surprise waiting for you—you'll be able to discover where this piece of Paris comes from, thanks to the provided point and tracing paper plan.

The decorative object, Focus, is organized by Paris district, designed for those who have a particular attachment to their district, whether they grew up there or currently live there. It's possible to engrave a specific point or a historic monument in Paris.

Finally, the art object, Empreinte, features a map of Paris indicating where we retrieved the piece of the roof, along with the year. It comes in its premium, slimline box, making it an unforgettable gift.

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